Mon 04 Nov 2013

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A third of homes untidy for viewings

A survey from Move with Us, which surveyed over 100 independent estate agents from its partner network, demonstrated that almost a third of properties are untidy when potential buyers arrive for a viewing.

The UK’s leading estate agents noted that nearly 30% of all properties are not tidy when viewers arrive to inspect property to buy. Further research from Move with Us has shown that 22% of potential home owners are actively put off by a messy or cluttered property when searching for their next home.

Robin King, Director at Move with Us comments: “It’s interesting to see that home owners are failing to carry out the most simple of tasks to help sell their home such as making sure it’s clean and tidy ahead of viewings.

Any professional estate agent will do their utmost to help sell a property but their efforts will be immediately undone if the moment a potential buyer walks through the door, they see a property that’s a mess. Purchasing a property is one of the biggest transactions of someone’s life and potential buyers will want to think that the property has been looked after by its current owners.

Sellers should work in partnership with their estate agent, and take action to ensure their property is attractive to potential buyers. With almost a quarter of potential home owners being put off by untidy property, a little elbow grease could mean the difference between selling a property or not.”

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